Celebrating 50 ARCHICAD Tips.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Below is the full list of all my 50 ARCHICAD Quick Coffee Tips combined. They all show the description of what the tips is all about. A thumbnail to see the finished 3D model that links to the related ARCHICAD Tutorial.

Tip 01: ARCHICAD How to resize a Google Earth Map to correct scale

Quick coffee break tip on resizing a Google Earth Map to scale with ARCHICAD. Using google earth maps when building your 3D model assists with using existing surrounds to place your model in

Link: https://youtu.be/b2M4nAC4Vs0

Tip 02: How to create 3D stone shadow gaps in ARCHICAD

Quick coffee break tip on create 3D stone shadow gaps in ARCHICAD. Instead of using texture maps, in some models it is a lot easier to create shadow gaps in 3D. This will give you a much better and more realistic look in your 3D render.

Link: https://youtu.be/k9TSVUHsvdE

Tip 03: How to create a twisted column effect in ARCHICAD

Answering a subscribers question. At first I thought that will be quite hard to create a twisted column effect in ARCHICAD, as ARCHICAD is not designed to twist. Then a quick research in my marvelous ARCHICAD drawer tugged away in my brain, I found an easy solution !

Link: https://youtu.be/vti4M0i9UpQ

Tip 04: How to create 3D roof tiles in ARCHICAD

This tip is about creating 3D tiles and colorbond sheets for your roof. It's a great free ARCHICAD accessory, which I show you where to download.

Link: https://youtu.be/PuEev9qHJ6I

Tip 05: How to transfer window attributes in ARCHICAD

This weeks ARCHICAD speed modeling quick coffee tip is a top secret one, like a hidden feature, not even sure if GRAPHISOFT knows about it !

Link: https://youtu.be/wgmVcRvfjTM

Tip 06: How to align and resize texture maps to fit in ARCHICAD

It can be frustrating when your model looks great, maps are applied but the grout of the tiles, for example, is not aligning in all 4 corners of the room ! Same with textures on walls, especially brick textures. It just looks not right, don't you think so, when the brick course is finishing on a half brick at the top ? Have a look on how it's done correctly every time, even if you have different texture sizes ( 1000 x 1000, 1024 x 1024, etc. or rectangular ones like 500 x 1000, 1200 x 1800, etc. )

Link: https://youtu.be/huiW5iGuBfI

Tip 07: How to render out a color mask in ARCHICAD

Over the last couple of months I came across this question a couple of times. I decided to show you how it's done in ARCHICAD ! This option has been there ever since Graphisoft introduced CineRender. Ok it's not really an option, it's a solution but see for yourself.

Link: https://youtu.be/dSEi8F7RlDk

Tip 08: How to show window cut in wall for high windows in ARCHICAD

It happens all the time, you move the window higher in the wall and make it smaller in height too, then it disappeared on the floor plan. There are 2 simple solutions I like to show you.

Link: https://youtu.be/M_kajpbUn8M

Tip 09: How to use the Marquee Tool to speed up your modeling process in ARCHICAD

There a couple of ways to speed up your modeling process using this tool. I use this daily and almost could not do without it !

Link: https://youtu.be/z6X_xPi1reU

Tip 10: How to render only part of an image with Cinerender in ARCHICAD

This is very useful if you are working on materials/colors/lighting/reflections. Helpful too, when your client comes back with small material/color changes, so you don't have to re-render the full high resolution image. Great time saver !

Link: https://youtu.be/aMJYvWtF3HM

Tip 11: How to create a quick sloping Kerb along a terrain in ARCHICAD

How to create a quick sloping Kerb along a terrain. It's something ARCHICAD used to struggle with. The newer versions can handle this much better. It looks great and doesn't take long to model up at all.

Link: https://youtu.be/E77ndZDPqRM

Tip 12: How to match curved curtain wall mullions to columns in ARCHICAD

To match curved curtain wall mullions to columns, is not as straightforward as you think unless of course, you know what you are doing ! Follow this quick tip and you will see.

Link: https://youtu.be/PjIqJtEwzLg

Tip 13: How to associate a path to a terrain in ARCHICAD

How to create a quick path associated to a terrain. You change the width of the path in an instant and the terrain adjusts automatically.

Link: https://youtu.be/cGaw7uBcCck

Tip 14: How to create panels on round column in ARCHICAD

Creating panels on round columns is actually quite easy if you know how. They look really good in 3D and render beautifully.

Link: https://youtu.be/UQSApS693zE

Tip 15: How to create an overpass in ARCHICAD

How to create an overpass in a couple of simple steps.

Link: https://youtu.be/1Fx6UyBFzNU

Tip 16: How to model a cool bookshelf design and save as library part in ARCHICAD

When you design a bookshelf or any other furniture, try to think outside the square when it comes to ARCHICAD tools. This quick coffee tip tutorial is a great example to make something look exciting with, well very little effort !

Link: https://youtu.be/DdVt7Fi7aTA

Tip 17: How to use graphical override for presentations in ARCHICAD

Graphic overrides, yes they are awesome ! There are a lot of options and combinations you can come up with. I will show you a couple in this Quick Coffee break tip tutorial, then it is your turn to give it a go and show your clients what can be done !

Link: https://youtu.be/u6MzY8joGTM

Tip 18: How to create a random ramp - 2 ways in ARCHICAD

This tutorial will show you how to create a random ramp in 2 quick ways. There are a couple of tools in ARCHICAD which come in handy . It is actually pretty straight forward, if you know how to ! Both ways I show you are quite unique and produce great results.

Link: https://youtu.be/F6R1hol6rQs

Tip 19: How to split facade materials up and into shape you want in ARCHICAD

Splitting up facade materials, is sometimes necessary to create the CGI the client is after. I show you a simple way to do this, any split/shapes you want, represented on your facade.

Link: https://youtu.be/Z5ioX8b3Frk

Tip 20: How to duplicate a layer and it's content in ARCHICAD

How to duplicate a layer and it's contents including all stories. It's actually straight forward and pretty fast IF you know how to do it.

Link: https://youtu.be/M8kzcUINz58

Tip 21: How to create a cut out seat in a concrete wall in ARCHICAD

This Tutorial shows you how create a nice wooden seat , cut out through a concrete wall.

Link: https://youtu.be/kpTiUd5d9yQ

Tip 22: How to add more segments to Shell tool and more in ARCHICAD

How to add more segments ( resolution ) to your Shell tool object and more. Like creating the shape you after, adjusting the shell contours at a later time. Linking to walls.

Link: https://youtu.be/bfvg-ThWDuQ

Tip 23: How to create a Shade Sail Cover in ARCHICAD

It's about how to create a shade sail cover for an outdoor place. There are a couple of key steps to follow the rest is " easy "

Link: https://youtu.be/2m6iEkADnBM

Tip 24: How to model a Barrel Shaped Building in ARCHICAD

This tutorial is showing you how to use the shell tool to create a barrel shaped building.

Link: https://youtu.be/4CpDb8pMEAM

Tip 25: How to model a Public Place Offset in ARCHICAD

This tutorial is showing you, how to use the offset option, creating a public space.

Link: https://youtu.be/wBqs55S5BxU

Tip 26: How to model a slanted Curtain Wall 2 ways in ARCHICAD

Modeling a slanted curtain wall 2 ways is not as hard as you think. It actually works quite well when you use the Elevation to model this and not just the floor plan.

Link: https://youtu.be/0wV_xq0jRBU

Tip 27: How to model a Pergola Shade in ARCHICAD

Model a pergola shade. Even so it seem fairly easy there is a lot more to it, couple of cool tricks to add to your skill range !

Link: https://youtu.be/nJ-utIRc1qw

Tip 28: How to create Custom Windows with Curtain Wall in ARCHICAD

This tutorial explains how to create custom window shapes, any shapes, with the curtain wall tool. I show you how to save the window into the ARCHICAD library to be used at any time.

Link: https://youtu.be/lCZd1wzRziE

Tip 29: How to create a pedestrian drop kerb in ARCHICAD

This is a great way to create a drop down kerb for pedestrians on an intersection, using the mesh tool, profiler and SEO.


Tip 30: How to cut adjust terrain to buildings in ARCHICAD

This tutorial is showing you how to cut out a hole in a terrain around a development. There are 2 options: The one you don't want to do and the one you do !

Link: https://youtu.be/CdiKraxTFNc

Tip 31: Ceiling Stamp - cut out in ARCHICAD

This tutorial is about showing off some different ceiling designs while the client sits next to you or online, while sharing your screen. It is a simple and fast way, you will love it.

Link: https://youtu.be/c49NMSGABAg

Tip 32: ASM Techbase ARCHICAD Working Environment

How to setup the same ARCHICAD working environment as ASM Techbase

Link: https://youtu.be/fOqxBHeClE0

Tip 33: How to model a 3D Barge Board in ARCHICAD

Modeling a 3D barge board is quite an easy task, yes if you know how to . This tutorial shows you a nice way to model the barge board and it's a great way if you want to change the board down the track.

Link: https://youtu.be/FoY2OZlnaxI

Tip 34: How to use the Roof Wizard to create roof constructions in ARCHICAD

This quick tip is explaining ARCHICAD's roof wizard. We look into some of the many settings and show you a couple of different roof types including some with skylight window. The ARCHICAD roof wizard works really well and if you spent a bit of time learning it, like an hour or two you will be quite pleased with the results.

Link: https://youtu.be/oLKKLDLp-zk