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ARCHICAD Tutorials Curtain Wall Related

Using the curtain wall tool is a great way to save some time if you do it right. Especially when you get some changes form your client which you have to apply to the curtain wall. It's a powerful tool with a lot of options. Each Archicad tutorial has the steps to guide you through. 

Click on the one you are interested in you will be directed straight to the video tutorial.

Quick Coffee Tip 45

This tutorial is about a Shell Design with focus on how to add glass, holes and frames.

Thumb GSK Laboratory

This tutorial is about remodelling the external shape of the GSK Carbon Neutral building in Nottingham, as requested by a ASM Techbase community member. To model this, there are a couple of challenges like the roof, the “exhaust stacks “, the solar panels, etc.

Quick Coffee Tip 53

This tip is looking at how to create a sloping curtain wall, nicely along the pavement. We also add a couple of extras to the curtain wall like a revolving door, etc.

Thumb Bent Curtain wall shell

In this tutorial I explain how to make good use of the curtain wall and shell tool. These tools are pretty powerful if you know how to use them

Thumb ARCHICAD 23 Box Model

This facade is done with the curtain wall tool. How to get a wave like this ? Go and check it out !

Quick Coffee Tip 26

Modeling a slanted curtain wall 2 ways is not as hard as you think. It actually works quite well when you use the Elevation to model this and not just the floor plan

Quick Coffee Tip 28

Explained how to create custom window shapes, any shapes, with the curtain wall tool. I show you how to save the window into the ARCHICAD library to be used at any time

Quick Coffee Tip 24

This tutorial is showing you how to use the shell tool to create a barrel shaped building

Quick Coffee Tip 12

To match curved curtain wall mullions to columns, is not as straightforward as you think unless of course, you know what you are doing ! Follow this quick tip and you will see

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