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Archicad Tutorials Facade Related

These tutorials show off a diversity of how to model certain Facade elements with Archicad. We use many of the powerful tools available like Shell, Curtain Wall, Profiler, etc. The Archicad tutorials are easy to follow and explain the important steps in detail.

Click on the one you are interested in you will be directed straight to the video tutorial.

Thumb Curved Metal Facade Design

For this tutorial I got inspired by the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A. which was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox KPF in New York. There are a couple of challenges to create this model but nothing Archicad can't handle. I am sure you will learn a couple gems in regards on how to model this. Get inspired and create your own metal facade design!

520 West 28th Zaha Hadid Thumb

This building is 520 West 28th Street - New York City. Many of my Youtube subscribers have been asking if I could model one of Zaha Hadid designs in a tutorial. As Archicad is not a nurb / mesh model Software, this is not as easy as I would like it to be. Many of Zaha Hadid's design details do not model up in Archicad as smooth as I believe they should. 520 West 28th street has some really cool details and some of these you can model in Archicad, if you know how :)

Thumb Curved Highrise Tower

For this tutorial I got inspired by the Absolute World twin tower skyscrapers in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The taller building had been nicknamed the "Marilyn Monroe" tower due to its curvaceous, hourglass figure likened to actress Marilyn Monroe. For the younger generation you might want to google Marilyn Monroe!

Thumb Curved Edge BLDG

Tutorial of a curved edge building design.

Thumb Beach Wave Facade

This tutorial is showing you how to create a nice beach wave effect on a building facade.

Thumb Curved Building Facade

This tutorial is showing you how to create curved building facade design.

Quick Coffee Tip 53

This tip is looking at how to create a sloping curtain wall, nicely along the pavement. We also add a couple of extras to the curtain wall like a revolving door, etc.

This tutorial is about modern facade elements combined from to incredible designs. The blade effect is from - ASL Architects in Santigao Chile and the "broken" facade is from - Ebisu East Gallery In Shibuya, Tokyo.

Thumb GSK Laboratory

This tutorial is about remodelling the external shape of the GSK Carbon Neutral building in Nottingham

Quick Coffee Tip 42

Showing you how to create different types of round corrugated iron roofs. Placing some windows which follow the round roof is a handy tip too.

Thumb Site Plan Conceptual Design

This tutorial is focusing on different 3D mass building design shapes including showing some floor levels. Showing floor levels in a mass building design gives the client easier instant feedback on the scale of the project.

Quick Coffee Tip 41

This quick tip is all about corner windows. Watch this Tutorial and you gain a great knowledge base for the next time you need to add a corner window in your project .

Thumb Wave Facade Building

It's another example of how powerful ARCHICAD's 3D modeling capabilities are. The key part to take away from this tutorial is: sometimes you have to use a couple of tools to create the vision you have to show of your design in 3D.

Thumb Highrise Conceptual

High-rise Conceptual Design building, showing several great techniques on how to use certain ARCHICAD tools to achieve the outcome you are after

Thumb Twisted Towers

Modeling some twisted towers, not quite an easy task but it can be achieved

Thumb Shell Facade

This ARCHICAD Speed Modeling tutorial gives you a great overview on, how to use the Shell tool and what options are available to adjust the Shell during modeling

Thumb Random Balconies

How about modeling some random balconies ? By using the solid element operations ( SEO ) this is actually not as hard as it looks

Thumb Facade Overhang

This tutorial is looking into an unconventional facade building. Having a facade build on a certain angle has a couple of challenges in ARCHICAD , especially when you add curved elements

Thumb Facade Blade Cover

This tutorial will show you a great way to add some twisted facade blades to your projects.There is a nice trick involved !

Thumb Balconies along splines

Modeling balconies along splines on a facade

Thumb Curved Glass facade

Creating a wave glass facade like this we used the profiler

Thumb ARCHICAD 23 Box Model

This facade is done with the curtain wall tool. How to get a wave like this ? Go and check it out !

Thumb FacadeFreeShape Part 1

A pretty cool way to model some free shaped facade blades

Thumb Cladding Part 2

Creating a cladding on a facade part 1

Thumb Cladding Part 1

Creating a cladding on a facade part 2

Thumb Bent Curtain wall shell

In this tutorial I explain how to make good use of the curtain wall and shell tool. These tools are pretty powerful if you know how to use them

Quick Coffee Tip 19

Splitting up facade materials, is sometimes necessary to create the CGI the client is after. I show you a simple way to do this, any split/shapes you want, represented on your facade

Quick Coffee Tip 02

Creating 3D stone gaps on a facade

Quick Coffee Tip 05

Transferring window attributes from an existing window, which you all ready have placed in your project, to a new different type window you like to place next. This one is a bit of a hidden feature

Quick Coffee Tip 08

Having problems showing a high sill window in plan ? Here is how to do make it show up

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