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Archicad Tutorials various useful tips

A lot of these tips will help you for the everyday use of Archicad. There is - how to duplicate a layer and it's content,  adjust 3D texture maps origins, use the marquee tool to your advantage, lost your favorites - get them back and many more!

Click on the one you are interested in you will be directed straight to the video tutorial.

Thumb Site Plan Conceptual Design

This tutorial is focusing on different 3D mass building design shapes including showing some floor levels. Showing floor levels in a mass building design gives the client easier instant feedback on the scale of the project.

Thumb Tips Volume 2

ASM Techbase ARCHICAD tips volume 2

Thumb Tips Volume 1

ASM Techbase ARCHICAD tips volume 1

Quick Coffee Tip 35

Have you ever lost your some of your favorites ? I have ! Have a look how to get them back

Quick Coffee Tip 32

Check out ASM Techbase's working environment tutorial. Link provided to download SM Techabse's environment if you interested !

Quick Coffee Tip 20

Can you duplicate a layer and it's content ? Yes you can !

Quick Coffee Tip 09

Using the marquee tool to your advantage and speed up work !

Quick Coffee Tip 06

Adjusting the size of a 3D texture and moving the origin

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