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Archicad Tutorial Outdoors Related

These Archicad tutorials show off how to model some various outdoor designs. The video tutorials will show you how some of the tools are used. Some of the ways the designs were modeled might surprise you .

Click on the one you are interested in you will be directed straight to the video tutorial.

Quick Coffee Tip 64

This tutorial is showing you how to create a nice roof shape using the shell tool.

Quick Coffee Tip 57

This week I did like to create a bit more of an organic shape. This quick tips is showing you an easy way to create a great looking organic shaped pavilion. I think you could easily use this in a Star Wars movie !

Quick Coffee Tip 48
Quick Coffee Tip 63

This quick coffee tip is looking at how to create some random shapes.

Quick Coffee Tip 45

There are times we want to get away from the normal square and round columns to make the design more exiting.

Quick Coffee Tip 44

How to model up an outdoor designer chair. We make good use of the shell tool and show you how swapping between floor plan and sections, helps you model faster and easier

Quick Coffee Tip 47

How to create any shape swimming pool, with detailed tiles sweeping around the edges.

Thumb Site Plan Conceptual Design

This tutorial is focusing on different 3D mass building design shapes including showing some floor levels. Showing floor levels in a mass building design gives the client easier instant feedback on the scale of the project.

Thumb Pergola Shape-Space

This is an awesome pergola space design, beautiful to have in your back garden

Thumb Bent Sunshade

This is a great design of a sun shade. It's quite a clever to use the profiler, check it out

Thumb BridgeFrameDesign

This tutorial is about a twisted and rotated bridge frame design. The tools used are the Shell tool, Profiler , Section and multiply

Thumb Spiral Bridge

This time I thought a Spiral Bridge could be interesting. The tutorial shows you 2 different bridge ends, a T end and a curved one

Quick Coffee Tip 21

How to create a "cut out seat" through a concrete wall

Quick Coffee Tip 36

How to create a wire fence. There are a couple of certain steps involved to get to this 3D model of a wire fence. Can you use the handrail tool ? Yes you can but before you use the handrail tool you need to create the "parts" which you can later assign inside the handrail tool. So please watch this first tutorial to create the fence. Next week if you are keen, ASM Techbase will show you how to apply your new learnt skills in the hand

Quick Coffee Tip 18

I will show you how to create a random ramp in 2 quick ways. There are a couple of tools in ARCHICAD which come in handy . It is actually pretty straight forward, if you know how to ! Both ways I show you are quite unique and produce great results

Quick Coffee Tip 23

Sail type shape outdoor setting, many types used around the world

Thumb open public space 1

Creating an open space like this is actually not that hard, if you know how to do it. Go jump in and I explain

Quick Coffee Tip 15

How to create an overpass in a couple of simple steps

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