ARCHICAD Tutorials Construction Related

These construction related tutorials vary from bridge design, fence, columns to sun shades, pergoles and more.

Click on the one you are interested in you will be directed straight to the video tutorial.

EV Docking Station in ARCHICAD

This Speed Modeling Quick Coffee Tip from ASM Techbase was inspired by Adrian Smith + Gorden Gill Architects in Chicago. The modern steel construction is actually a EV Docking Station, where you can charge electric cars.

Pedestrian Bridge Design Model in AR

This Pedestrian Bridge Design Tutorial is showing you how important it is to use Sections or Elevations, when creating a 3D model. Furthermore it teaches you how to use the multiple rotate and elevate tool at the same time

Model Landscape Memorial in ARCHICAD

This quick tip will explain how to create this beautiful looking landscape design shape, which was used for the Pentagon Memorial. ( designed by the Architects Julie Beckman and Keith Kaseman )

Model Special Column Designs in ARCH

There are times we want to get away from the normal square and round columns to make the design more exiting.

How to model Corner Windows in ARCHI

This quick tip is all about corner windows. Watch this Tutorial and you gain a great knowledge base for the next time you need to add a corner window in your project .

Model a Modern Staircase in ARCHICAD

I came across a great modern design of a staircase which I thought was perfect for my new quick tip. This is a great example how important a good 3D model is to get the point to the client.

Thumb Spiral Bridge

This time I thought a Spiral Bridge could be interesting. The tutorial shows you 2 different bridge ends, a T end and a curved one

Thumb BridgeFrameDesign

This tutorial is about a twisted and rotated bridge frame design. The tools used are the Shell tool, Profiler , Section and multiply

Thumb Pergola Shape-Space

This is an awesome pergola space design, beautiful to have in your back garden

Thumb Bent Sunshade

This is a great design of a sun shade. It's quite a clever to use the profiler, check it out

Quick Coffee Tip 21

How to create a "cut out seat" through a concrete wall

Quick Coffee Tip 36

How to create a wire fence. There are a couple of certain steps involved to get to this 3D model of a wire fence. Can you use the handrail tool ? Yes you can but before you use the handrail tool you need to create the "parts" which you can later assign inside the handrail tool

Quick Coffee Tip 16

Creating a cool book shelf and save as library part

Quick Coffee Tip 14

Modeling up columns with gaps horizontal and vertical

Quick Coffee Tip 03

How about a spiral column ?

Quick Coffee Tip 27

Model a pergola shade. Even so it seem fairly easy there is a lot more to it, couple of cool tricks to add to your skill range !