ARCHICAD Tutorials Shell Tool Related

The shell tool can be used in many different ways. Below the tutorials will show how to approach modeling them the right way.

Click on the one you are interested in you will be directed straight to the video tutorial.

Quick Coffee Tip 46

This tutorial is about a Shell Design with focus on how to add glass, holes and frames.

Quick Coffee Tip 40

I like you to pay special attention to the highlighted shell in the top image. You can see the shell has a slant at the bottom left hand corner with a certain width. As you follow along the wooden shell you can see the shell width is getting smaller and matches the same shell width of the outer shell on the right hand side. At the same time the slant is decreasing to zero.

Thumb Highrise Conceptual

High-rise Conceptual Design building, showing several great techniques on how to use certain ARCHICAD tools to achieve the outcome you are after

Thumb Void+Organic Shaped Roof

It's about a spline void with some extra creative slab edges and an organic shaped roof. This tutorial is a bit longer as usual and has a lot of information and lots to learn !

Thumb Wave Shaped Roof

This is a great use of the shell tool modeling a "Cobra shaped" roof

Thumb ARCHICAD 23 Box Model

This facade is done with the curtain wall tool. How to get a wave like this ? Go and check it out !

Thumb Bent Curtain wall shell

In this tutorial I explain how to make good use of the curtain wall and shell tool. These tools are pretty powerful if you know how to use them

Thumb Shell Facade

This ARCHICAD Speed Modeling tutorial gives you a great overview on, how to use the Shell tool and what options are available to adjust the Shell during modeling

Thumb Modern Office Ceiling

This tutorial is giving you knowledge on how to use the shell tool to create a curved modern office ceiling. It is important that you can rotate the Shell tool in elevation to model this ceiling

Thumb Mosque Dome

How to create a Mosque Dome. I had a requests to do a tutorial about this a couple of months ago in my comment section. In particular how to create some pattern in 3D, not just with a texture map

Thumb FreeShapedGlassRoof

Creating a free shaped glass roof

Quick Coffee Tip 23

Sail type shape outdoor setting, many types used around the world

Quick Coffee Tip 22

Adding some sky lights to a shell shaped roof

Quick Coffee Tip 24

This tutorial is showing you how to use the shell tool to create a barrel shaped building

Quick Coffee Tip 27

Model a pergola shade. Even so it seem fairly easy there is a lot more to it, couple of cool tricks to add to your skill range !