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To create your own window library part first you draw/model the desired window you after. Most used ARCHICAD tool for this is the slab tool, because it is quite easy to model your window with different slab shapes. Saying this you can use any tool you like whatever suits you best to get the result you are after. In this example I use the curtain wall tool.

YouTube link to the tutorial or scroll to the end of the post.

You start with wall, the window shape you are after ( in this case a spline which I duplicated to use later ) and a polyline the same size as the wall. This is to make sure the new window you create fits into the 3D wall

For the curtain wall I use simple settings pretty much a square window with a frame

Then you use the magic wand tool to create your curtain wall window inside the spline.

3D view looks like this now

Next step is to use the second spline I made a copy of and fill it with a slab tool element. The settings of the slab are not really important apart from 1 major setting in the CLASSIFICATION AND PROPERTIES TAB. There instead of using an ID number you write: Wallhole

Now you use the magic wand tool and create the slab inside the second spline. Then move the slab down over the curtain wall tool.

It looks like this now in 3D.

Next select the curtain wall and the slab in 2D on the ground floor

Go to File menu and save as window library part

Give it a name

Now it’s available in your windows library!

Watch full Tutorial below

A short yet useful tip.

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