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Want to join and be part of the user test group?

As ASM Techbase get's started with memberships, we would like you to join us in helping map out the pathway for our membership options and help users like you get the most of exclusive live group sessions for Q&A on Twinmotion. By joining the user test group you will have access to:

  • Weekley Webinars (1 hour)

  • Fortnightly live group session for problem solving and user topics (2 hours)


The sessions are held:
Tuesday or Thursday morning at 8am Sydney Australia time
Monday or Wednesday evening at 9pm London Europe time
Monday or Wednesday afternoon at  between 1pm to 4pm America United States time


If you can't attend, you will have access to watch the recordings another time at your convenience.

The ask is, that you join the live group sessions, as many times as your valuable time permits, & provide precious feedback on how the experience can be better. And most importantly, to say thanks for joining and supporting, after we go live in March you will continue to have access to the Standard Membership until end of June.

Modern Architecture_edited_edited.jpg

Themes and Topics examples that will be covered in coming weeks - not in any particular order

  • Deep insight to the TM UI and how best to work with it

  • All about your CAD 3D model for Twinmotion

  • Let’s do a lighting session! We are looking at External renderings

  • Still Camera, let’s look into how you can benefit from a good camera knowledge

  • Animation Camera, what is different to a Still camera?

  • The benefit of Textures. A closer look into using textures, materials, colours, decals

  • All about furniture. Using the furniture from the library, your CAD Software and Twinmotion

  • Ever wanted to do a night scene? We are looking at what is important and how to do it.

  • Let’s do ANOTHER lighting session! We are looking at Internal renderings


A Word from the Coach

Hi, my name is Carsten,


Meet Carsten Emde, our esteemed coach and Visualization Artist.
With a belief in continual skill development and a commitment to lifelong learning, I am dedicated to staying ahead in the dynamic world of 3D visualization. Over my extensive career, I have educated myself through various channels, including courses,
books, YouTube, and diverse resources. However, the ultimate teacher has been experience.

In the last two decades, I have crafted hundreds of 3D visuals and models, working independently, for architects, and with large animation studios both in Australia and overseas. Having used various industry-standard animation software, I have realised
that it's not just the software but the user that truly makes the difference.

Why Twinmotion? From the outset, it stood out for its user-friendly interface and the ability to achieve outstanding results in real-time, saving valuable time compared to other applications. Recognising that architects and builders often lack the time for
intricate learning curves, I chose to coach Twinmotion to provide a solution that aligns with your busy schedules.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, my coaching experience is tailored to save you time and money. While you might think you don't need a coach, having a solid foundation in 3D rendering is crucial. I bring in-depth knowledge and practical
insights to ensure your journey in the world of 3D visualization is efficient and successful. Trust in my experience to guide you, whether you are starting or advancing your skills.

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