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Twinmotion Project Help

If you already have a live project and need help, Project Help is designed to get Twinmotion users started quickly or advance to the next level from where you have hit a roadblock. Project Help works with you to achieve a higher quality output.

And the best bit? You are still have the final control over the output as we use YOUR Twinmotion file - enhance it- then send it back!

Is this you just starting up?

TM Enhancement 01 Before.jpg
TM Enhancement 01 Inbetween.jpg

Or you are more advanced?

TM Enhancement 01 Profesch.jpg

But really are after this?

Not sure if this is for you? Have a closer look.

Project Help

Twinmotion Enhancement Service

What is this service about?
This service will enhance the quality of your Twinmotion scene and renders. Working on lighting and textures of your existing Twinmotion scene. Additionally, the scene graph will get a clean-up if needed, like adding additional folders with the corresponding names, or renaming lights for easier manipulation. As example:
Folder name: LANDSCAPES – Subfolder names: LS GRASS, LS TREES SITE, LS TREES SURROUND, etc.

Scene View Clean.jpg

How does it work?
You save out your Twinmotion as a resource collection. After we are done with the cleanup and enhancement of your file, we will send it back to you.

To use the Resource Collector got to: Menu - Edit - Resource Collector
Add destination path and make sure you ticked "Compress files" then hit COLLECT!

When you send the enhanced file back what do I have to do on my end?
If you have used the datasmith exporter you can continue with updating the TM file with your exported 3D datasmith CAD model. Should you use the direct link from your CAD Software like Archicad, Revit, Sketchup and others, just re-link your CAD file with the TM file I sent back to you.

Resource Collector.jpg

Datasmith Direct CAD Link:

Direct Link.jpg

Datasmith Export update:

Datasmith Export.jpg

How much does it cost?
External enhancement only starts at $ 400US.

What do I get?
- High quality lighting and render settings
- Updated high quality textures
- Clean Scenegraph

- Camera view 1 using the traditional sun location as per your project’s exact world location. This is useful if you need to work with accurate shadows regarding your design. Like as example, working out how much the large tree in the backyard is impacting your outdoor garden terrace space, or “adding” to much shadow in winter to the living room. (You get Realtime and Path tracer option)

- Camera view 2 using a daytime HDRI image. Using HDRI images to lighten a scene will produce a more balanced and realistic render but the sun position is locked in. You can of course change the HDRI file at any time to change the sun position and feel of render. (Realtime and Path tracer option)

Reminder: By using the enhanced Twinmotion file and the new camera preset we created, you can easy move to a new location in the model and add a new camera view.

How about additional enhancements of furniture, trees, plants, etc?
If this is required just send some additional information like site plan, landscape plan, reference images for furniture etc. Only assets from the default Twinmotion library will be used. This will be charged at an additional cost.

I am still keen what is my next step?
Please send me an email for a quick quote, including:

- Some screen shots of your model, best of preferred camera views if you have any.
- Additional information like - please add trees, plants and furniture, etc.
- Landscape plans and furniture layouts if needed


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