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Residential Aged Care Homes with Twinmotion's Lumen

Residential Aged Care Homes with Twinmotion's Lumen

In this animation I did revamp an old project 3D model. I wanted to see how far you can get with the new Lumen Global Illumination and Reflections system, which Twinmotion implemented from their big brother Unreal Engine. The Lumen render system is not as good as the Path tracer option regarding realism but in saying this, there is 1 massive advantage, massive. That is if you like to do animations. The speed this system can render out frames and still maintain a pretty good quality in terms of looks and realism is mind boggling. Let’s have a quick look at numbers: My PC System: • 64GB • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor 3.80 GHz • Nvidia RTX 3060i (this card is now 3 years old) which makes it even more impressive. For this animation I rendered out 15 final clips, which all together came to: • 151 seconds. • @30 Frames a second that is equal to 4,530 frames • Overall render time was around 830 min/13.83 Hours, let’s make this 15 hours • Render size 4K!! Render time for these clips did vary, internal shots do take longer as example. This means the average render time of 1 frame @ 4K was..? Around 12 seconds!! I did recalculate this a couple of times to be honest, but it is what it is, just mind boggling. When thinking about the time taken for all of this, keep in mind that experience does go a long way for a 3D Artist. This means it is not just all down to Lumen and Twinmotion. For myself when working on these projects my mind goes through how to optimise scene files, keep the polygon count down if possible, have a clean AND organized layer system, be careful when doing textures, know how to get the best out of the render settings to keep a balance between speed and quality to deliver high-quality value. If you feel you are struggling with your Twinmotion scenes and are happy with the Lumen quality in this video, I can help you out. There are several avenues we can take together depending on your needs. Drop me an email at for an opportunity to work together, and we can talk about how to get the best value delivered for your work.

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