Carsten Emde
Carsten Emde

From the early days of the pencil and ink drafting board to today's 3D CAD Software, I have seen it all and actually grew up with the technology, virtually seeing history being made, which was and is still exciting today. ARCHICAD has always been my preferred 3D modeling tool which I started using in 1988 Version 3.1 , I think it was !

I used to teach ARCHICAD first in Switzerland, when the company I worked for was selling ARCHICAD to Architects.

Then I moved to Sydney Australia and worked for the main ARCHICAD reseller During this time I gave sales demonstration, user support and taught ARCHICAD to new customers.

After a while I needed a new challenge, so I decided to do freelance work for many ARCHICAD users, focusing on 3D Visualisation, which has become my passion, hence the 3D modeling Tutorials. Apart from ARCHICAD, I am an expert now in 3D Studio Max, Vray and Photoshop.

I started the speed modeling tutorials, because I love modeling in ARCHICAD and thought I could help out ARCHICAD users around the world with sharing my knowledge.